We just love ice cream and sorbet!

We JUST LOVE ICE CREAM AND SORBET, but ice cream that tastes the way it did when we were kids. If you are going to indulge in a little guilty pleasure now and then, you want ice cream that tastes the way ice cream used to taste before our waste lines became more important than how the food we ate tasted. That's why we make our ice cream using FULL CREAM MILK and FULL CREAM along with all natural flavourings.   

We saw people making ice cream that was so healthy for you but it lacked the most important requirement of all, TASTE. So we set about trying different recipes and flavours, using different cooking methods until we settled on the ice cream we sell today.  The hardest part of the whole process was deciding which flavours to keep and which flavours to save for down the track. This is a really hard task when you love  ice cream as much as we do.

We have also started making delicious sorbet flavours. They are fresh and fruity and our Dark Chocolate Sorbet is very rich and chocolaty.  They scoop beautifully straight from the tub and just dissolves on your tongue.  Again as with our ice cream, our sorbets are NOT health foods, they are a treat to be ENJOYED.     


Our kids are our official taste testers and we think they do a pretty good job. If you really want to know how something tastes, just ask a child, but be ready for brutal honesty. If a trial flavour didn't make the grade taste wise, they didn't hold back telling us what they thought, so we are very confident we have a great tasting product for our customers. Let's see which flavour will be your favourite...............